​Georgia Transmission Corporation's goal is to conduct its operations and maintain relationships with its vendors and contractors.  GTC expects vendors and contractors to conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.  These standards include, but are not limited to, acting with the highest level of personal and professional integrity, dealing fairly with vendors and contractors, fully complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and safeguarding confidential information.

As such, GTC has established this Ethics and Compliance page for Vendors and Contractors.  To report an impropriety due to possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct by a Georgia Transmission Corporation associate, vendor, or contractor, there are two methods of communicating your concerns:

Hotline phone number: 770-270-7278

Hotline email:  GTC-VendorEthicsHotline@gatrans.com


The Georgia Transmission Ethics Hotline for Vendors and Contractors is managed solely by the GTC Internal Audit Department.  All issues reported will be investigated in a manner that protects your confidentiality and anonymity balanced with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.  Prompt and appropriate corrective action will be taken as warranted in the judgment of management and the Audit Committee.

As background, all Vendors and Contractors are expected to disclose to GTC any past or present affiliations or relationships with any director or employee of GTC, Oglethorpe Power, Georgia System Operations or any of GTC's Members, that could cause an actual or apparent conflict of interest.  In addition, pursuant to GTC's Conflict of Interest policy, associates are expected to avoid situations that might reasonably be construed as intended to influence their independent judgment.  Therefore, Vendors and Contractors should be aware that associates must comply with GTC's Conflict of Interest policy when considering the acceptance of gifts, including meals, entertainment, loans, or favors. 

*This hotline is to be used for ethical concerns only.*




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